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Aerial Property Video | Knight Frank

Knight Frank required us to produce an aerial property video utilising drones and incorporating internal photos to sell one of their top end properties. This video needed to be engaging and cinematic to fit in with the prime estate.

Using our drones we could capture the property and all of it’s features and size from the air. We combined this footage taken from the location with internal photographs in order to highlight the property inside and out and showcase the key features and estate for any prospective buyers.

Alongside producing stunning interior shots of the properties we film, we provide equally stunning aerial shots of the surrounding area of the property. This really sets the scene and helps potential customers visualise more than just the house itself. There is no better way to show off a home than through video, it gives the prospective buyer the feeling of moving through the home, and is far more descriptive of the space than still images can ever hope to be.

Sounds great right? Thats because it is! Contact us if you’d like a stunning property video of your own.

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