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Big Fake Festival Teaser Video

We’ve been working alongside the Fake Festivals team producing all the events film productions, we created this festival teaser video to boost excitment for the up and coming event and to promote the ticket sales for the festival.

Each year there are multiple Fake Festival events across the country but they all lead up towards to grande finale in ‘The Big Fake Festival’. We were asked if we could continue our work but target the video towards promoting and attracting attention towards the main event in order to sell festival tickets and get the festival fans excited for whats to come.

The feedback from the Fake Festivals team has been amazing, having stated that they have already sold out many of the festivals within the first week and have sold hundreds of tickets for the Big Fake Festival following the release of the teaser videos.

We’ve been up and down the country covering countless types of events, everything from Surf Competitions, Sports Car Functions and Music Festivals. Having spent so much time capturing unique events we’ve established a great feel for exactly what works and what is needed to produce a stunning events film to serve your exact needs.

Contact Us if you have a similar event that needs showcasing.

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