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Bodmin Area Guide

As part of our video series for Webbers Estate Agents we produced an area guide for Bodmin, this was to showcase their office locations around the South West. This video needed to highlight the best aspects of the local area, and we included a variety of different locations from the high street to remote locations on the moor.

Utilising a mixture of drones and ground basedĀ cameras we captured footage of all the most picturesque, stunning and unique locations in the area for this video, then edited it together into a polished package perfect to display on their website and social media accounts.

Promotional video works, its sets you apart from your competition and gets the audience engaged in what you are trying to promote to them. Consumers would much rather spend 2-3 minutes watching a promotional video, than spending 20-25 minutes reading the same text you can get across in a short video.

There is no other form of marketing that can offer such impressive results and reach audience in such a small amount of time, imagine what a successful video could do for your company, why wait to find out?

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