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Clovelly Promotional Video

Clovelly Village based in North Devon is a village unlike any others. The small characteristic fishing village situated amongst beautiful rolling hills and the photogenic Devonshire coastline is very much a step back in time and is full of interesting history. The Village contacted us requiring our help to promote the village and increase tourism to the area. We loved the idea of this and put together a greta series of videos portraying the village in its best light throughout the year.

We managed to capture all of the festivities that took place throughout the year including things such as Clovelly Gig Regatta, Mackerel Festival, Seaweed Festival, Lobster and Crab Festival, Christmas light switch on and the Easter egg Hunt. Having covered all of this we truly documented the yearly events and showcased exactly what the potential customers will be expecting if and when they decide to visit the beautiful village.

Having the ability to keep returning to the village all year around we were able to film unique angles and events that the every day public don’t get to see such as amazing sunrises/sunsets, wildlife, awesome walks and coast paths etc. this wouldn’t be possible to the same degree if we were filming for only a day or 2, you’ll notice a huge difference in having the ability to film year around, and many of our clients who have opted for this option have never looked back.

We work with you to understand your brand’s DNA, this enables us to produce unrivalled video content allowing you to elevate your ideas & projects to the next level. We’re there to make you look good!

Alongside this, video is a perfect way of instantly increasing your social media reach and improve your conversion rate through online traffic on your webpages, because we filmed so much throughout the year we managed to create many smaller and shorter videos to be used for the clients social media accounts, for example we created shorter videos targeting Hotels, Food, Walking, Gardens and a year long recap video.

Contact us if you’d like something similar for your brand/business, you’ll never look back.


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