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Vention House, Putsborough

Following alongside the main Putsborough property video we created, we also produced this shorter more punchy video which is a perfect fit for social media and online promotions. Having the choice between the two length videos gives clients a perfect tool to target their chosen audience.

Short and snappy videos are great for attracting and engaging audiences as it draws viewers in and gives off information just as quickly in a less amount of time. Online users are looking to consume content quickly, audiences simply don’t have the time or patience to sit through a lengthy video, you need to grab and excite viewers straight away. The average length of a view on Facebook is only 18 seconds, you need to use your spotlight wisely!

Users are scrolling through social media accounts and watching videos on their mobile devices all day long, your target audience has never been easier to reach! Present them with your promotional property videos now, contact us to see how it can help your brand/business.

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