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Hele Valley Campsite Promotional Video

This video was produced for Hele Valley Campsite, it was created as a promotional video showcasing the stunning locations of the Camp Site and the beautiful surrounding area. The client wanted to show off the North Devon coastline and the hidden coves using the drones to create a cinematic feel, this was to attract new customers from outside the county that may not have seen the area before and even the locals who wouldn’t have seen their home from these unique angles from above.

Using our drones we anted to create a narrative feel to the video, starting coming up over the valley and sweeping shot of the campsite nestled in amongst the hills and finally a aerial tour over the surrounding towns, villages and beaches. This is a great way of showcasing the area quickly while getting the information of the location across to the audience.

Partnering with the drone shots we used lots of close ups of the accommodations, facilities, amusements and the nature trails to portray what the campsite is like on foot. Overall with the combination of the unique camera angles we summed up exactly what the campsite is and it has attracted many more customers to the campsite and many more for the future. Hele Valley were extremely pleased with the results.

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