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Lakeside Property Video | John Blaney Architecture

This lakeside property video was filmed for our client John Blaney Architecture. This property sat on an amazing plot with amazing views in each direction, including a large lake within the garden. Our client had been tasked with the job of designing the property and the surrounding landscaping¬†and needed an exciting way of showing off its grand features and design including the interior courtyard, rear conservatory and front elevation towards the lake. Having the ability of the drone allowed us to collect elevated shots looking directly down into the courtyard along with the roof details, which wouldn’t have been possible if we were limited to filming on the ground.

These short videos will be key features on the clients website, not only do they attract the viewers attention, but it’s a great way to showcase their work as portfolio pieces and inspiration for future projects.

This lakeside property is very unique and needed something special to highlight it.

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