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Basingstoke Virtual Tour Property Developers | Barratt Homes

As part of our partnership with Barratt Homes to help promote their new build properties, we created this Basingstoke virtual tour in order for potential new home buyers to view the properties using this exciting new technology. We’ve have covered hundreds of new development sites up and down the country but this site was very unique. The apartment complex named the ‘White Building’ was transformed from an old bank into state of the art flats and apartments. Barratt needed something exciting and engaging to show off these unique spaces, something still photography couldn’t do alone.

The hardest part of marketing homes can be giving potential homeowners an insight into an accurate image of the house. Too often photographic work presents an unrealistic image of a room, or it doesn’t have the capacity to show off intricate details or indeed take into account the unique layout or nature of a house. Our 360 tours or ‘walkthroughs’ allow people to explore each property of their dreams at their own leisure, from the comfort of their own home.

The addition of ‘mattertags’ allow us to ‘tag’ up rooms. A tag is essentially a physical link which people can interact with as they walk through a room. These link back to webpages, for example showcasing the estate agent’s contact information at the click of a button, showcasing area guides to the local area, as well as being able to directly link to the property’s brochure.

Our 360 virtual tours offer more than just stunning walkthroughs. Using the scanning technology on the camera we can create accurate floor plans for a variety of needs, as well as a 3D dollhouse view which allows viewers to see the entire property or room as a 3D model to grasp an overview of the shape and rooms.

Contact us if you’d like a virtual tour for your property/business.

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